As part of our commitment to service, all families are required to give 10 hours of service to Saint Andrew School. Service is a great way to meet fellow parents and become active in your child’s education. Studies indicate that families who give service to their school enhance their child’s educational experience.

Please see our list of volunteer opportunities below.

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Room Parent

Works with teachers to plan and communicate to parents the classroom’s events, including field trips and parties. There are also special events that vary by grade. For example, the Kindergarten class hosts a January party for pre-school parents; the first grade class hosts the Kindergarten graduation party, etc. All room parents also support school-wide special events, including the May Teacher Appreciation Dinner. 10 hours; Contact Susie Graham.

Lunch and Recess Helper

Helps out during lunch and/or recess (11:00-12:30) two to three times per month by passing out milk and food. During recess, oversee safe, appropriate activities on playground.  Hourly; calendar sent home monthly with schedule.

Kiss N Go Helper/Coordinator

Helps out during morning drop-off (7:45-8:10 a.m.), helping children out of cars and escorting to supervised area as needed.  Coordinator works with room parents to make sure time slots are filled. 10 hours for Coordinator; hourly for helpers (5 mornings = 2 hours); Contact Mr. Ackermann.

Tour Guide for School

Give school tours to prospective families, tour scripts, training and information provided to guides.  We look for parents of children in all grades to conduct tours.  Hourly; Contact Kelly Johnson.

  • Monthly Tour Guide: Tours prospective families of the school on the second Tuesday morning of every month at 9a.m.
  • Special Event Tours: There will be a few open houses/tours during the year in conjunction with a special event.
Baby Bulldogs Playgroup Coordinators/Helpers

Coordinators help coordinate a playgroup for infant to preschool age children that meets once a week during the school year in the gym. Helpers help with set-up/break down before and after the group starts. 10 hours; Contact Tammy Norton.

Soiree and Scramble/Golf Outing Team

The golf outing is scheduled in September. This golf outing is followed by a dinner and silent auction. 10 hours for committee work; Hourly for event volunteers; Contact Julie Richards.

Family Gym Night

This open gym night is organized to give families a chance to meet each other. Hourly; Contact Mr. Ackermann.

5K Run

An annual family event scheduled for the fall. Hourly; Contact Julie Richards.

Teacher Appreciation Dinner Team

This annual event takes place in the spring and honors our teachers. The event typically includes dinner, raffle and entertainment. 10 hours for committee work; Hourly for event volunteers; Contact Julie Richards.

Used Book, Video and Bake Sale

Usually held in September, the Used Book and Bake Sale’s proceeds support the school.   Assistance is needed to set up, clean up and work during the event. Hourly; Contact Candy Trejo.

Scholastic Book Fair

Usually held in spring, the Book Fair results in new books for the school. Volunteers are needed to set up, clean up, and help students select books and check out during sale. Hourly; Contact Dan Bergstrom.

Saint Andrew’s Got Talent

Parents help sell tickets and count ballots during annual Saint Andrew’s Got Talent Competition. Proceeds support the music program. Hourly; Contact Mr. Young.

Superschool Sunday

This January event includes a family Mass, a pancake breakfast and a school open house. Help is needed planning and working during the event. 10 hours for committee work; Hourly for event volunteers; Contact Kelly Prince.

Wearin’ The Green Party

Help is needed with the annual Saint Patrick’s Day party, “Wearin’ The Green” in March. This event includes a dinner, silent auction, live auction, as well as musical and dancing entertainment. Committee members are needed to plan and work at this event. 10 hours for committee work; Hourly for event volunteers; Contact Julie Richards.

Athletic Coach or Assistant Coach

Indicating interest is not a guarantee that you will be needed; review by the Sports Council is required. 10 hours; Contact Mr. Pope.

  • Fall - Girls’ volleyball, grades 5-8; Boys’ flag football, grades 6-8; Boys’ and girls’ cross country, grades 3-8
  • Winter - Boys’ and girls’ biddy basketball, grades pre-k to 3; Boys’ and girls’ basketball, grades 4-8
  • Spring - Girls’ softball, grades 6-8; Boys’ volleyball, grades 7-8
Kitchen/Concessions Helper at Sporting Events

Help is needed working the kitchen and concessions at sporting events. When making your request, specify the sport/event and grade (e.g. Biddy Basketball, basketball, volleyball, etc.). Hourly; Contact Mr. Pope.

Repairs and Maintenance Projects on Campus

Please specify your background and experience and notify us of the types of projects upon which you are able to work. Hourly; Contact Mr. Ackermann.

Christmas Shopping Days

All students are able to buy inexpensive items to surprise family members with at Christmas. Volunteers help students select and wrap gifts during a school day in December. Hourly; Contact Lynn Deely.

Grandparents’ Day

Help the teachers run this school day of special activities for Grandparents, primarily with set-up, serving and clean-up for lunch in the gym. This event is held in Oct/Nov.  Hourly; Contact Julie Fialkowski.

Lenten Fish Fry

Help kick off Lent at Saint Andrew. Volunteer help with set-up, cooking and frying fish, selling soda, check –in and clean up. This event is during the Lenten Season. Hourly; Contact Julie Richards.


Help with this fun community event! Volunteers work concessions, help with kid’s game, or work the entrance. Held in early June. Hourly; Contact Julie Richards.

Children’s Garage Sale

An organized rummage sale of donated child related items, gently-used baby to pre-teen clothing, maternity clothes, shoes, baby gear, toys, etc. to benefit Saint Andrew Parish. The sale takes place in the Saint Andrew gymnasium in May. Hourly; Contact Julie Richards.

Committee Members

There are several standing committees that support the school and parish. Each meets periodically throughout the year, usually in the evenings. Members rotate on and off periodically, based on availability, skills, and needs of the committee.

  • Finance:  Reviews finances of parish and school and supports strategic planning.
  • Technology:  Supports school and parish computer systems and website.
  • Facilities:  Provides alternatives and recommendations for campus maintenance and building use.
  • Athletic Association:  Manages gym events and raises funds that support sports programs.
  • Athletic Council:  Sets policy for school team sports programs.
  • Admissions:  Reviews applications to the school and recommends admittance.
  • School Advisory Board:  Supports school leadership in developing policies and budgets.
  • Alumni Relations:  Develops and maintains ties with past students and their parents.

Indicating interest is no guarantee that you will serve on a committee; it depends on the needs of the committee and the experience of the individual. 10 hours; Contact Mr. Ackermann.

Marketing Support

Needs of the committee include: copy writing (letters, proposals, invitations, newsletters, etc.), handling event logistics, asking for gifts, serving as an ambassador for Saint Andrew, thanking donors and recognizing volunteers, graphic design, making phone calls, planning and strategizing, and identifying sources of funds. 10 hours; Contact Kelly Johnson.

  • Marketing - Assist the school in developing a great image
  • Neighborhood Outreach - Promote Saint Andrew School to area’s feeder schools (preschools, co-ops)
  • School Fairs - Manages a Saint Andrew table at neighborhood school fairs in the fall, either on a Saturday or during an evening.
  • Graphic Design - Designs advertisements for the school and school functions. Develops and maintains school brochures, posters and web page templates.
  • Web Maintenance - Updates school website with weekly news, helps teachers and committees with web page design and set-up. Help also needed with maintaining presence on NPN website.
  • Photography - Takes photos at applicable events.
  • Fall & Winter Open House - Welcomes new and current families to tour school.
  • Writing - Writes articles about the school, place ads in local newspapers, and draft miscellaneous support documents.
  • Development/Strategy - Sets parish strategic goals, raises funds to support and implement them.