Word on the Street

"We have visited the church and school and are so happy our Grandsons have a good, faith based school with strong academics right in their neighborhood."

Saint Andrew Grandparents

"We are deeply grateful to the teachers and staff for the care and support given to our grandchildren as they transition to Saint Andrew this year. We also thoroughly enjoyed participating in Grandparent's Day in October, which gave us our first chance to visit your excellent school."

Saint Andrew Grandparents

"I wanted to commend you on your choice of coaches and their approach the last two years.  Both the volleyball and basketball coaches (our daughter) has had the last two years have been quality coaches, positive, fun and showed sportsmanship. (Her) experience with all coaches at Saint Andrew has been much more enjoyable than (she) experienced prior to transferring to Saint Andrew. 

We transferred (our daughter) for the academics, but the sports programs have been a pleasant surprise and have greatly enhanced her experience at Saint Andrew. The coaches dedication in volunteering countless hours for tournaments, practices and league games has been amazing. As the sports philosophy is set by you, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful job."

Saint Andrew Parent

"I must tell you just how impressed I was with the musicianship and the character of your outstanding student singers at the AKO concert this past Saturday evening at Copernicus Center. You have developed a wonderful chorus of delightful young people. The concert was enhanced significantly by these fine voices. My wife, Kathleen, a member of the 140 voice Melodeers Chorus, the 7-time International Champions of Sweet Adelines, was very impressed by the children’s joyous expressions and their obvious love of singing. The group is something for you, the school, the parents and certainly, the students to be extremely proud of. Continued good wishes for you to carry on with your outstanding work of inspiring young people with the love of music. Please wish the children a Merry Christmas from my wife and I and especially let them know just how much they are appreciated. I hope that we have the opportunity to make music together again soon."

Wayne Messmer

"This is our first year with a child in the "big kid" Christmas program so our first year attending. I just wanted to say how beautiful tonight was. I am not sure if you remember, but I have mentioned to you before that we moved to the neighborhood to go to (another school); we started at Saint Andrew "just" for transitions and never left. I was talking to a mother today whose daughter went to Saint Andrew for preschool but now attends (another school), which gave me a moment's pause. Tonight, however, watching the entire school sing the Millennium Prayer reminded me why we stayed, and reinforced my belief that this is exactly why we are at Saint Andrew. We are so glad our children are getting a Catholic education, and that they are getting it here with this community. Hats off to you, Mrs. C, Mr. Young and all the other faculty behind this wonderful night."

Saint Andrew Parent

"Congratulations to all of you! You deserve this and should be so proud. Of course, we didn't need an award to know our children are at a wonderful place. "

Saint Andrew Family 

"Congratulations! What an honor -- and huge effort."

Parent of PreK student

"Congratulations on your Blue Ribbon status...they finally realized what we have known all along. Saint Andrew is a great place!!!"

Parent of Saint Andrew Graduates

"CONGRATULATIONS! I saw somewhere in the media that Saint Andrew School was academically recognized. What an honor! You should be proud because that's not easy to achieve." 

Local Business Owner

"I heard the wonderful news the other day! Congrats on the Blue Ribbon title...very exciting!"

Former Teacher

"Isn't Saint Andrew great! We offer so many things to our children. Sports, drama, dance, karate, chess, choir, scouts, etc... Every child is unique and here they have a choice to shine where they want to be."

School Parent 

"Yesterday, my wife and I had our first parent/teacher conference with our daughter's Junior Kindergarten teachers. We loved seeing our daughter's unaided spelling worksheet and self-portrait. We made the right choice in Saint Andrew. She loves it and is always happy to go to school!

Also, a few weeks ago we attended the "Saint Andrew's Got Talent" show in the auditorium. I was struck by how the students and parents enthusiastically supported each of the acts, no matter the talent level. All the kids received high fives after they left the stage, and even a couple weeks after the show, my daughter sometimes sings the songs that the students were singing. I look forward to attending in the future with my daughter in one of the acts."

Junior Kindergarten Parent

"At my new school, Saint Andrew, I have lots of friends. The students are kind, respectful and eager to learn. The teachers are able to teach and make learning fun as well as challenging." 

Sixth Grade Student

“Thank you once again for offering Saint Andrew's professional hospitality to my DePaul grad students this quarter. Reading their final reflections was gratifying. They enjoyed positive and instructive experiences. Your teachers continue to be outstanding models of fine teaching within a nourishing environment.”

DePaul Professor

“We absolutely love the school, the teachers and the community you have created. Thank you for all your hard work. I have been meaning to send this type of message to you for about a year now. It is very enjoyable being a member of the school and parish. My wife and I have been parishioners at another parish and school and have not experienced anything like we have at Saint Andrew. We are very committed to the school and really enjoy contributing to help it grow. Thank you for creating a great environment.”

School Parent

“Thanks to you and your teachers for all the GREAT work they do!"

School Parent

"I just wanted to let you know that our daughter was placed into Math 2 at (another school) - something she finds "inconceivable" (her word) but I don't find surprising at all. Thanks for all your hard work.  

Former School Parent

"I was talking to a representative from a high school. We were talking about enrollment numbers and the quality of grade schools in the area. Not knowing that I was a proud parent of three Saint Andrew children, he mentioned that he believes Saint Andrew is one of the BEST schools in the city. He mentioned the quality of academics and character of Saint Andrew students that attend his school."                    

School Parent