Who is a Saint Andrew School Student?

A Saint Andrew student is a person with SPIRIT.
Students have good manners, share with others and practice random acts of kindness. They are honest, trustworthy, patient and practice good sportsmanship. They are responsible and accountable for their actions. They respect teachers, parents, coaches, and fellow students. Students recognize the power of prayer and the healing that comes with forgiveness. They witness their faith by giving Sunday to God. Student appearance is modest, neat and clean. A Saint Andrew student leads through example and strives for integrity.

A Saint Andrew Student is a person who STUDIES.
Students come to class prepared, on time and well rested. They are able to participate in class by listening and by being self-disciplined. Students set goals to help live up to potential and takes pride in work. Homework is a priority. They are well rounded and balance studies with extra-curricular activities. A Saint Andrew Student gives maximum effort in all academic subjects and extra-curricular activities

A Saint Andrew Student is a person of SERVICE.
Students demonstrate an awareness of blessings through volunteer service to school, family and neighborhood. They develop high self-esteem through sacrifice that is not focused on reward. They respect property, take care of their belongings and clean up after themselves. A Saint Andrew Student develops confidence through service for the greater good.